Collective Worship

Collective Worship

We have a daily act of worship and parents do have the right to withdraw their child from Collective Worship or Religious Education. Should you wish to do so, please discuss this with your child’s teacher or the Head of School.

Collective Worship Policy 

Exeter Diocese Withdrawal Policy


Schools within the United Schools Federation Collective Worship aim to:

• Strengthen and support the school community and celebrate each unique individual member as made in the image of God’
• Give expression to reaffirm and practise the values of the school community
• Allow reflection and response to fundamental questions of life and those things that are of eternal concern and value to human beings
• Celebrate and give thanks for achievements within the school, local and international community and occasions of significance, including festivals
• Contribute to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils
• Foster and enable a concern for the needs of others – recognition of the vulnerability of self and others
• Lead pupils to a deeper knowledge and understanding of different faiths and world views
• Provide members of the school community with the opportunity to;
• Praise and reach out to God
• Experience stillness and quiet
• Experience a variety of forms of music, art, drama, story that lead to personalreflection
• Provide a foundation for a mature understanding and practice of worship in the future


At St. Mary’s CofE Primary School, our daily act of worship sometimes includes the whole school, a Key Stage or even a single class. There are times when we sing and there are times when we are quiet and reflect. We welcome visitors to our school to share in our worship and we also share our worship at special times, in the local church with our families. We welcome the contribution of all staff and children to lead worship, and we remember the importance of our Christian Values at the heart of what we do.

Our values are Friendship, Perseverance, Compassion, Justice and Courage.

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St. Mary's CofE Primary School - Our Mission 1

Our Christian Value timetable – 2022/23