About St Mary’s

About St Mary's

The present school was purpose built for primary education in 1989 on donated land to replace the original Victorian school situated next to St. Mary’s Church.

At our school we enjoy modern, good sized classrooms that are well equipped with interactive white boards, laptops and learning materials. We also have a well stocked library and sports hall, a heated outdoor swimming pool, and a large playing field and outdoor ball court. We believe that the use of ICT to enhance learning is crucial and as such we have a class set of laptops as well as a class set of iPads.

Currently the school has four classes. Rosen Class is for Reception, Potter Class is for Years 1 and 2, Dahl Class is for Years 3 and 4 and Morpurgo Class is for Years 5 and 6.

The children are taught through a mixture of whole class teaching and group work in order to ensure that they receive a sound and differentiated education suited to their needs and abilities.

As part of our drive to make learning in the school exciting, fun and motivating we have introduced the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The IPC is the only comprehensive curriculum in the world equally committed to improving learning and developing international mindedness. It focuses on developing knowledge, skills and understanding of subjects set within a range of child-friendly, relevant, cross-curricular and rigorous thematic units of work which are creative and challenging for primary and Early Years children of all abilities.

However, it is so much more than just a curriculum; it gets children excited in learning, it provides a very strong international dimension and it relates to the learning needs of every child. It is a curriculum that prepares our children very well for their future as adults. It gets children interested and focused and helps children to make real life links in their learning and to understand the purpose and direction of that learning. It also helps children in the developing and mastering of essential skills that will be applicable in whatever form of employment they will be faced with in the future. It empowers children to be creative and to initiate and direct their own learning and that of others, encouraging personal and interdependent working to resolve tasks and problems. I believe our children are now being as well prepared as possible through their learning with the International Primary Curriculum.

In addition to this, we are keen to build on previously learned skills, key ideas and attitudes as our children progress through the School. This method of learning interests and involves the children. They become aware of their own potential for learning and how to apply skills and ideas to new situations.