Archaeologist Q&A

After the archaeological discoveries of a woolly mammoth and other Ice Age remains under the development in Sherford we were delighted to be joined online by the Lead Archaeologist, Rob Bourn, for a Q&A session with the children.

The children came up with some really good questions for Rob. Some were about the local discoveries and some were about his life as an archaeologist. We even put Rob on the spot to identify a fossil that one of the children brought in this morning, which he managed to do!

A huge thank you to Rob for his time and expertise. I think he may have inspired some of our children to think about a career in archaeology.

After the session we also had a really nice message from Rob.

“It was my pleasure Adrian, I really enjoyed it.  All the questions were good but some of them were particularly perceptive.  You clearly have some searching minds at your school.”

Archaeologist Q&A            Archaeologist Q&A 1

Here’s a picture of Florence asking a couple of questions during the Q&A.