Sports relief 2016

All staff and children enjoyed dressing up in their sporty gear or favourite sports person of their choice. We started the day off with a mound challenge where each house collected as much grass as they could in 10 minutes!

In the afternoon everyone enjoyed the carousel of activities; run a mile, stalls, obstacle race and playground games. We definitely had lots of fun and inventive ways of running the mile, like crawling, cart-wheeling and 3-legged races! Thank you for all the money that has been fund raised for Sport’s Relief! Have a look below at what a great day we all had!DSC00551 DSC00552 DSC00553 DSC00554 DSC00555 DSC00556 DSC00557 DSC00558 DSC00559 DSC00560 DSC00561 DSC00562 DSC00563 DSC00564 DSC00565 DSC00566 DSC00567 DSC00568 DSC00569 DSC00571 DSC00573 DSC00575 DSC00576 DSC00577 DSC00578 DSC00579 DSC00581 DSC00582 DSC00583 DSC00584 DSC00585 DSC00586

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