Our new topic is SENSATIONAL!

We will be looking at how our senses work and how they keep us safe.

Our first challenge was to use our hearing sense and see if we could identify the sounds on the quiz….

Take the quiz again and see if you do better this time.  Challenge a friend or family member!!   Sound_quiz

078   We ended our senses topic by visiting Otter Nurseries.

We loved our time there, exploring plants, stone and pots with all our senses.  We even got to pot our very own plant.  We looked at, touched and smelt different plants; making sure we only looked at ones that were safe.  One of the staff told us all about the different types of pots that were available.  We learnt about the different materials that were used, we discussed the different finishes.


We even looked really strong and got to lift some HUGE pots.  Luckily they were made from a lightweight material and were easy to lift!

At the end of the day we tasted different types of cake.  We liked some more than others but we were all brave and tried at least two different types.

See the picture of our visit here

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