Eco – Council 2016-17

The Eco – Council went to the Start Bay Centre on a great residential with member of the School Council from St Michael’s, St Catherine’s, Ipplepen and Marldon to get to know each other and to do some team building activities.

We had a fantastic first day rock pooling and making pictures from beach materials, then we went on a night walk to listen to owls and find bats.  We carried bat detectors with us so that we could listen to the bats that we could see.  It was very dark by the time we got back to the Centre, but we all agreed it was probably the highlight of the trip so far.


The next morning we played some trust games and took part in the Low Ropes activity.  We had to help each other to get round the course and work as a team.  By the time we went to the beach for lunch and had some free time before coming home, we had made some really great new friends and we look forward to working with them over the next year as members of the USF School Council.