Pizza Express

To complete our SENSATIONAL topic, we visited Pizza Express.  We learnt all about the ingredients used, how to make a pizza and what dangers are in the kitchen.

We got to sample garlic dough balls that a few of us helped to make.  We then each got to make our own pizza.  We kept ourselves and the food safe and clean by wearing an apron and chef’s hat.

We made a crust by crimping the edge of the dough when it was in the tin.  Then covered it with delicious tomato sauce with a big sprinkling of Mozzarella cheese.  The chef cooked them for us in their really hot oven! Whilst we waited we had some activities to do.

We were then given our own pizza in our own pizza box.  We all tried a piece at the restaurant but took the rest for lunch and to take home!

Thank you Pizza Express, we had lots of fun and learnt lots!

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Rolling Dough

Pizza Dough Flipping!