PE Funding

To see a breakdown of our Sport Premium funding please see the document below.

PE Funding for Primary Schools 2018/19

PE Funding for Primary Schools 2016-17


Part of our funding is spent on specialised coaches, and we employ Arsenal Soccer School to deliver our broad and exciting curriculum.

title Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs in the UK with many recognisable players. Children see them on the TV each week, mimic their passes and goals in the playground and are inspired to play more sport. A connection between what they see on the TV and the physical coaching experience often increases the engagement and participation levels with the programmes. Regardless of what team the children support, Arsenal’s aim is that every child has a positive, fun experience where they are rewarded for their own achievements.

Assurance of quality

Parents want assurances that their children are being taught to the highest level. Arsenal is one of Europe’s leading football clubs, with the largest grassroots football programme of any professional club in the UK. 30,000 boys and girls participate in Arsenal Soccer Schools every year. The programmes have been in operation since 1985, evolving through shared knowledge amongst qualified coaches and teaching professionals. Coaching
modules teach basic to advance football skills based on the training regimes of the Arsenal First Team, which also aids in developing social and interaction skills.

The Arsenal Soccer School philosophy fits alongside our CORE values we promote in and throughout school life:

A-     Attitude

R-     Respect

S-     Skills

E-     Energy

N-     New thinking

A-     All for one

L-     Learning

Arsenal Soccer School’s approach to Physical Education

Our role is to support the delivery of Physical Education to ensure a sustainable legacy is met in school. Our work will include the following to ensure together we can provide evidence and meet Ofstedā€™s examples of effective use of PE budgets and sport funding. Arsenal Soccer Schools believe that developing children’s confidence, by providing opportunities to be creative, co-operative and competitive as individuals, groups and teams will promote a positive lifelong attitude towards an active and healthy lifestyle.  It will contribute to whole school improvement, both academically and socially to assist in developing every child’s potential to be the best that they can be.


The aim of promoting PE and School Sport is to:

  • Increase participation in physical activity both within and outside of the curriculum time.
  • To make all physical activities inclusive to all.
  • To develop self-esteem and confidence.
  • To promote positive behaviour and raise attainment.

Arsenal Soccer Schools approach to Physical Extra-Curricular activity

Extra-curricular activities are positive experiences that contribute to the wellbeing and happiness of children. Children who are involved in sports get higher grades in school and have better self-esteem than children who don’t play sport. They are also generally healthier as a result of their increased activity and have better social networks than
those who don’t participate in sport.

**For a list of Arsenal Soccer Schools Clubs running at our school please view our club list sheet. All bookings for these clubs are done on the main Arsenal Soccer School website

Learning &  development outside of school

Arsenal Soccer Schools also have a very proactive approach to provide many children in the Southwest with the opportunity to carry on their development outside of school in many locations.

They include weekly sessions such as:

.        Gunner Tots  2-4 year olds

.        Mini Gunners 4-6 year  olds

.        Progression Training Centre’s 7-12 year olds

.        Development Training Centre’s 7-14 year olds (INVITE ONLY)

.        Elite Centre 7-16 year olds (INVITE ONLY)

.        Post 16 + playing and coaching programme

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