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Welcome to Rosen Class!

We are a reception class taught by Mrs Clarke. We also have Mrs Burroughs and Mrs Bean to help us in our learning.

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Rosen Timetable Autumn 2017

Rosen Curriculum Letter Autumn 2017

Rosen IPC Coverage Autumn 2017

October 2017

What a great start to the term and the academic year.  The new reception children have settled in well and are showing fantastic learning behaviours.  They are building strong, positive relationships with each other and the staff and really integrating with the rest of the school.

For the Autumn term, Rosen Class are focusing on the topic ‘Who Am I?’  As part of this, we are exploring our immediate environment of the school and Brixton.  The children visited the church to look at the stained glass windows and also went to Brixton Torre.  This was described by Rosen Class as “the best day ever!”


May 2017

This half term, we are exploring traditional tales. We read The Three Little Pigs and sequenced the story, exploring the repeating phrases.  We discussed how we felt about the wolf and why we thought he had blowed down the houses.  Just when we thought the wolf was ‘unkind’ and ‘bad’, we received a letter from him explaining that when he visited the houses he had a cold, sneezed, and accidentally blew them down!  We wrote a letter to the pigs explaining what had happened.  We even had a go at building the pigs’ houses ourselves.

We then explored where bacon came from and used our excellent chopping skills to make bacon and leek muffins.  They were very tasty.

March 2017 – Part II

The busyness continued throughout March.  The end of March saw the approach of lots of Easter activities.  The children made decorative Easter Eggs, bunny masks and went on an Easter Egg hunt.  In groups, they solved the clues so they could continue on the trail.  Once they had found the eggs, they had to divide them equally between their group so it was fair.  They used what they had learnt about sharing equally to complete this task and enjoyed the tasty eggs at the end.

We went on a school trip to Stover Country Park.  The children explored the Nature Centre and learnt how to pond dip.  They also learnt how to search for camouflaged minibeasts in the wood and talked about why some creatures camouflage themselves.


We’re very much looking forward to the Summer term and hearing all about the children’s holidays.  Happy Easter everyone!

March 2017 – Part I

We are only in the first week of March but already we have done some exciting things.

Pancake Day introduced the start of the week with the children exploring how to make pancakes.  They looked at the changes that happened when the pancake mix was added to a hot pan and got to taste their delights.


In the same week came World Book Day.  The children loved dressing up as their favourite book characters.  We read lots of books that day and talked about the enjoyment of reading.  We read the book ‘Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo?’  Our very own class Blue Kangaroo then disappeared.  We had to follow the clues to find him.  When we did find him, he had a very special surprise for us – a picnic with also lots of books to explore in the sunshine.  We even found Blue Kangaroo reading one sat in a tree!


February 2017

February saw the arrival of Chinese New Year.  The children learnt about what Chinese New Year is and about Chinese traditions.  We learnt to say ‘Happy New Year’ in mandarin and the children were so engaged with this, we learnt more mandarin words.

We took part in Arts Week where we showcased the Chinese crafts we had made – including Chinese lanterns and drums.  We learnt a dance to Chinese music and performed this in front of a large audience.  We were  all very brave!

We explored many elements of China but our biggest focus was on Chinese food.  We tasted different dishes and talked about our likes and dislikes.

After this, we explored ‘instruction writing’.  We talked about the purpose of recipes and came up with our own in groups for a Chinese stir fry.

We chopped the vegetables……..           And cooked the noodles……….


Then we got to taste our amazing creations.             Finally, we wrote one instruction.


It was fantastic to explore another culture and push our boundaries.  We cannot wait to see what the next half term brings!

December 2016

An elf has appeared outside our fairy door!!  The children were amazed to discover it, sat in the cold, amongst the ice.

img_0342 img_0345

The elf has been up to all sorts of mischief and we’re only a few days into December.  This morning, Rosen class found him hanging on our projector!  We hope he doesn’t break it.  We have named him ALFIE.  We will have to see what Alfie gets up to next….


Pennywell Farm Nativity (December 2016)

As well as the exciting events happening in our classroom, Rosen class went on a school trip last week to Pennywell Farm.  We took part in their nativity.  The class took starring roles, playing Mary, innkeepers, angels and even Mrs Clarke played a star.  The children thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the Christmas story and spending time with the animals.  We even got to meet Father Christmas.

img_0261 img_0269 img_0325 img_0306 img_0338



The children have had a lovely break and are fully rested for the exciting learning ahead.  Our topic this half term is Winter.  As part of this, we have been exploring what happens to water when it gets very cold.  We talked about how water and ice looked different/similar and explored what happened to ice when it gets warm.  The children had great fun with the ice slipping out of their hands!


Along our ice theme, we looked at coloured ice.  We explored what happened when the ice melted and 2 primary colours mixed together.  We made lots of exciting colours.

November 2016

A table and chairs appeared outside the door today!  The children discovered it and took great delight in sharing ideas as to how it got there and why.  Some thought a fairy had had a picnic.  One child decided to sprinkle fairy dust near the door.  The dust would, “shrink everything so it was small enough for the fairy.”  Though after a couple of days nothing shrunk so it was concluded that because the dust did not work, it can’t be a fairy behind the door.  I wonder what it could be?

img_03901 img_03871


Rosen class have settled in really well since starting in September.  Strong friendships are already forming and the children have soon got used to school routines.

Though since Rosen class started, strange things have been happening.  They found a skeleton dancing in their classroom!  After seeing the footage, the children remained alert during their learning time to look for clues of where the skeleton had been and discovered bones outside.  They enjoyed discussing how the skeleton had got into class, and used the ipads to see if they could capture any images of the skeleton in the trees.  At one point, the skeleton was even caught dancing on Mrs Webb’s desk!  The children immediately expressed that no one should stand on furniture so put the skeleton’s name on our ‘Sad Faces’ board.

They made wanted posters and used their sounds to write ‘skeleton’ to let everyone know what we were looking for.  They wrote the school’s telephone number on the poster so people knew who to call if they spotted the skeleton around or near school.  The posters must have scared the skeleton off because he hasn’t returned to our school.

Skeleton Wanted Poster

Skeleton Wanted Poster

Brixton St Mary’s certainly is a magical school.  After the skeleton’s appearance in the first half term, this half term has seen a door appear in our outside area!

Magical Door Appears!

Magical Door Appears!

The children have shared their ideas about what they think lives behind the door and used describing words to talk about what it might look like.  Rosen class have drawn pictures of fairies, monsters, hedgehogs and even ants then used their sounds to write about the creature.  It hasn’t made an appearance yet but we will keep searching for clues….. WATCH THIS SPACE!