Class Three

Welcome to our Team Bolt page.

We will keep this page updated with highlights through the year as much as we can but to see the most up to date work we have been doing, please visit our class blog at

Here we publish examples of the children’s work, and photos showing what we’ve been doing so please do have a look. You will see some 100 word challenges which are written about a stimulus which is posted on each week. We have recently become ‘quad bloggers’ where we have made connections with 3 other schools in the UK, New Zealand and America, and we take turns to leave comments about each other’s work each week. This helps us to have a real audience for what we do in class, and we hope you can help by giving us some feedback on our work too! Just select the ‘comments’ section under each post and write away. Once they have been moderated, they will appear on our blog.

Take a look at our ‘Cool Runnings’ inspired animation we made for the Winter Olympics!

Some of the work we did in science last year!

Some adverts we made for our own chocolate products!