Governing Body and Register of Interests


St. Michael’s, St. Catherine’s, St. Mary’s, Marldon, Ipplepen Schools

GOVERNING BODY – 18 governors – re-federated 20-06-16

Foundation Members Parent Governors Local Authority Co-opted
Rev. Mark Smith Mr. Paul Sampson Mrs. Natasha Johns Mr. Chris Solway
Mrs Elizabeth Thompson Mr. Charlie Siegle Mrs Helen Staddon
Mr. Len Holland Staff Mrs Pauline Morley
Mr. Ken Singleton Executive Head Mrs Karen West Mr. Marcus West
Mr. Nick Glanfield Mr. Martin Harding Mr. Adrian Clements
Rev. Owen Murphy
Vacancies x 2 Clerk:- Mrs Wendy Heathman


Governor Role Date of appointment


Term of Office Appointed by:
Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson Chair of Governors 20/06/16 Four years Diocesan Board
Mr. Glanfield Vice Chair of Govs 20/06/16 Four years Diocesan Board
Rev. Smith Ex Officio 20/06/16 N/A Diocesan Board
Rev. Murphy 20/06/16 Four years Diocesan Boad
Mr. Holland 20/06/16 Four years Diocesan Board
Mr. Singleton 20/06/16 Four years Diocesan Board
Mr. Charlie Siegle 20/06/16 Four years Parental ballot
Mr. Sampson 20/06/16 Four years Parental ballot
Mr. Harding Executive Head 20/06/16 N/A Ex Officio
Mrs West 20/06/16 Four years Staff ballot
Mr. Solway 07/07/16 Four years Co-opted by GB
Mrs Staddon 07/07/16 Four years Co-opted by GB
Mrs Morley 07/07/16 Four years Co-opted by GB
Mr. West 07/07/16 Four years Co-opted by GB
Mr. Clements 07/07/16 Four years Co-opted by GB
Mrs. Natasha Johns 13/10/16 Four years Local Authority DCC


Standards Committee 2

(St. Ms/Ipp)

Standards Committee 3

(St. Cs, Marl, St. Marys)

1st Committee 2nd Committee Pay Committee


Mr. Harding Mr. Harding Mrs Thompson Mr. Glanfield Mrs Thompson
Mrs West Mr. West Mr. Holland Mrs Staddon Mr. Glanfield
Mrs Thompson Mr. Solway Mr. Siegle Rev. Smith
Rev. Smith Mr. Clements Rev. Murphy Mr. Sampson
Mr. Holland Mr. Glanfield Mr. Singleton Mr. Glanfield
Mr. Sampson Mr. Singleton Mrs Morley Mr. Solway
Mrs Morley Mr. Siegle
Rev. Murphy
Mrs Staddon
Quorum: Half Quorum: Half Quorum: Three from above Quorum: Three from above


Business, Pecuniary Interests and Relationships

Reviewed Autumn Term annually

LA Governor Local Authority
Mr. Martin Harding United Schools Trust Staff member AH
Mr. Marcus West United Schools Trust
Mr. Adrian Clements Staff member EC
Mr. Nick Glanfield HP
Mr. Ken Singleton BAS LLP
Mr. Charlie Siegle Kitsons
Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson United Schools Trust
Mr. Paul Sampson Sampson Europe Ltd, Sampson Services GmbH and SLTeam Ltd.


Attendance Record


The Governing Body continues to make an enormous impact upon the education of the children within the federation, meeting regularly to make strategic decisions for the benefit of all.  Our governors are a credit to the federation with expertise in business, personnel, finance, SEN and safeguarding.  Over the last twelve months the governors have overseen three successful Ofsted Inspections, analysed good data results from the children, authorised new equipment and resources and monitored major repairs and improvements at three of the schools.  The federation recognises life in modern Britain and in September 2015 held a Britishness Day.