Our current staff:

Mr Martin Harding
Executive Head of USF
Mrs Claire Webb
Head of School
Mrs Jackie Hext
Dahl Class Teacher
(Year 3/4)
Miss Chloe Kinning
Morpurgo Class Teacher
(Year 5/6)
Mrs Nikki Clarke
Head of RE & Worship
Rosen Class Teacher
(FS Teacher)
Miss Laura Hensman
Potter Class Teacher
(Year 1/2 Teacher)

Special Needs Co-ordinator – Mrs Karen Bristowe
Teaching Assistant & Meal Time Assistant  – Mrs. Claire Williams
Teaching Assistant & Meal Time Assistant – Mrs Marilyn Harris
Teaching Assistant & Meal Time Assistant – Mrs Laura Burroughs
Teaching Assistant  – Mrs Sarah Bean
Teaching Assistant – Mrs Mary Howells
Meal Time Assistant – Mrs Louise Symons
Administrator – Mrs Janet Rundle (Main contact for queries from parents and other members of the public)
Caretaker – Mrs Tracey Molland
Kitchen Manager – Debbie Stanley